KS4 Revision

At St Alban's all students are entered for the EDEXCEL exam board for the GCSE Examinations, however the content is the same for all of the exam boards at GCSE.

Foundation Checklist                         
Higher Checklist

Formulas You Need to Memorise - Click here

Independent REVISION

If you are in Years 10 or 11 and looking to improve your mathematics knowledge and to prepare yourself for the GCSE examinations, then I would suggest the following approach:

I would suggest you initially go to this link which will take you to past papers, this is nothing original but there are also Screen Casts for every question, working through each question one by one on Video - www.ipswichmaths.co.uk

There are currently considerably more OCR papers completed but remember the content is the same for all exam boards so this isn't a problem


You should work though a paper to the best of your ability in say Black and then go back and look at the worked solutions before doing them in say Red if you understand the explanation.


If there any you don't understand then do not copy the answer but leave it blank and you can then teach yourself the topic and try again and/or ask your teacher.  

My two favourite sites for teaching yourself are either:

Maths Genie which has exemplars, exam questions and solutions for all grades 9-1 - Click here  or
The Maths Teacher which has tutorials, notes and an exercise on all of the key topics - Click here

There are other Video tutorial options below.

Intervention Topic Booklets

Foundation Topics - Click here

Higher Topics - Click here

Exam Papers and Mark Schemes

Past Papers and Mark Schemes - Click here
Practice Papers and Model Solutions - Click here
Alternatively Pre 2017 OCR, AQA, WJEC and EDEXEL Past Papers - Click here

Focused Exam Questions

One question for each topic: Foundation - Click here & Higher - Click here
You will find a bank of online GCSE questions on studymaths.co.uk where you can pick the topic - Click here
PiXi Maths has produced an excellent set of  revision booklets targeting particular grades - Click here

Teach Yourself GCSE Maths (Grade 4)

Learn the Foundation Course over 7 days - Click here

Tutorials, Exam Questions and Solutions

The Maths Teacher has tutorials, notes and an exercise on all of the key topics - Click here 
Maths Genie has exemplars, exam questions and solutions for all grades 9-1 - Click here

CorbettMaths has over 400 Topic based Exercises with Answers & Videos - Click here

An excellent set of Video Tutorials for pupils targeting a Grade 4 can be found at MathsCast - Click here

Self marking papers, grade adjusts as you complete - Onmaths

Miss Banks Videos Foundation,  Higher or by Topic - Click here

OCR papers video solutions for independent revision - DawsonMaths

Exam Practice with answers for over 40 topics - Maths4Everyone

Supporting Resources

Vocabulary Checklist Foundation - Click here
Over 100 Flashcards for all of the basics at Foundation level - Click here  Slightly harder - Click here

Over 100 Flashcards for all the basic at Higher level - Click here
5 Problems for every day of the year - Click here

Revision Checklist Foundation Content - Click here

Revision Checklist Extra Higher Content - Click here        

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