9X2 Maths Group 2019-2020

As the year progresses there will be topics that present you with difficulties or which you feel need a bit more revision or practise.  If you click on the Yrs 7-11 Modules link at the top of this page and select the module you are working on in class, for example Module 6 - see below

Firstly identify the CorbettMaths reference (eg 287) and then go to the CorbettMaths Tutorials link and scroll down to 287, where you will find a Video Tutorial, some exam questions and a worksheet for you to practice, you will find the answers via the pink links on the same page

9X2 Maths Homework Tasks 2019-2020

The exam papers and solutions can be found via this link 

Date Set: Thurs Sept 5th    

Date Set: Thurs Sept 19th  

Date Set: Thurs Oct 3rd  

Date Set: Thurs Oct 17th  

Date Set: Thurs Oct 31st 

Date Due: Tues Sept 10th 

Date Due: Tues Sept 24th 

Date Due: Tues Oct 8th  

Date Due: Tues Oct 29th

Date Due: Tues Nov 5th 

Exam Paper: 2013 June 1F 

Exam Paper: 2013 June 2F 

Exam Paper: 2013 March 1F

Exam Paper: 2013 March 2F

Exam Paper: 2012 Nov 1F  

Your homework will always be set on a Thursday and is due in the following Tuesday


I would like you to attempt a wide range of Foundation exam style questions in order to help you remember as many of the facts and skills as possible and to identify any gaps you might have. Now there is no value in setting you questions that you can't do so I have decided to set you exam papers which includes a link to a video solution to each of the questions so that you can work through any questions you are unsure about independently.


So every two weeks you will be set an exam paper or a set of exam style questions.

The exam papers and solutions can be found via this link 


You will see a version of the table below.  Now the first homework involves 2013 June Paper 1. The links you will need are shown within the yellow boxes.  In column 3 you will find the exam paper, in column 5 you will find the mark scheme and in column 1 you will find the video worked solutions. For the following homework you will move across to the links in the green boxes for 2013 June Paper 2, then you will move down for 2013 March Paper 1 etc ...

The process I want you to follow each homework is:

1.  Download and either print or read the paper on the screen.

2.  Using a blue or black pen answer as many questions as you can without help.

3.  Using the screen casts, check the worked solutions to the questions you couldn't answer.

4.  When you have seen how to answer a question, and you understand the method, then write down your 
     solutions in red. (Don't just copy the solution but try to remember how to do it)

5.  Open up the mark scheme and mark your work, I want to see 2 marks, the first one is for the questions you
     did without help and the second is the mark you got with help. 

6.  If there are any questions you really do not understand even after watching the video then make a note of
     the questions numbers so I can help you to understand how to answer them.

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